4 Trends To Refresh Your Wardrobe.

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When designers describe the 2021 collections as “seasonless” in terms of pattern variety, and colors, they were definitely being serious. 

One thing is certain: the way we dress can have a huge impact on how we feel, so it's not a surprise that for this season, the biggest fashion houses reevaluated their approach in order to give us what we really need from fashion in this moment in history. Some put their artisanal skills to the test by creating extraordinarily vibrant styles to put the joy back into our daily wardrobes, while others delivered classic, comfortable pieces for lounging.

As more designers share their plans and visions for 2021, this list will soon extend and evolve, but for the time being, these 5 easy to wear trends promise to be your antidote to chaos. From the vibrant tailored suit we bought and never wore anywhere in 2020 to big puff sleeves, 2021 is getting ready to put fashion back into our lives.

 Pretty Prints

If you refuse to stock up your wardrobe with everything neutral, you will most likely adore 2021's all over print trend. From dresses to shoes, this show-stopping trend is about to bring joy back to our wardrobe. From stunning floral prints to attention-grabbing geometric patterns of all colors and shapes, this is the perfect opportunity to play and experiment with prints like never before.


Bright Pinks 

Bright pinks became the unofficial uniform for 2021, an optimistic trend we carried with us from 2020's top trends catalog. Go ahead, name one color that brings the same level of joy as bright pink or fuchsia. From sparkly tailored suits to comfortable jogger sets you can actually get away with wearing both indoors and outdoors, this trend has proven to be the ultimate mood-booster.

Exaggerated Sleeves

Statement sleeves have dominated almost every fashion week for the last few years, and it's about to become even more "in" this season. From chic jumpsuits with ballooned shoulders to structured shoulders, get ready to see this maximalist trend everywhere in 2021.



Let's face it, we all embrace the beauty of high-quality neutral pieces. Nothing beats the versatility of a plain, but flattering neutral-colored top or lounge set. Head-to-toe monochromatic looks are timeless and they're about to become our go-to solution from day-to-night.

 What's missing from our short list? Comment down below to share your favorite wardrobe refresh tips.

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